March 1 - 5: San Diego

3/5 - San Diego (0 miles 0 total)
after a breakfast of peter's oatmeal & lots of toppings, we put ourselves & our bikes together & piled everything into the gantzel pickup. peter drove us north about 30 mi to oceanside. we had hoped to go further to--the north edge of camp pendleton. sari & peter have ridden thru the marine base before & they say the views from the base's oceanside roads are beautiful. but the marines at the south gate said that policy changed last year, as we expected, so we couldn't ride thru the base. so peter dropped us off at the harbor in oceanside.
it was a bustling harbor with all sorts of boats, including lobster boats. note the stacks of lobster traps. note also sari's new (as of a year or so ago; she didn't have it for the 2000 trip) bike friday. finally, she has a bike that fits her teensy self.
we pedaled southward from oceanside---traveling thru neighborhoods when we could in order to avoid the highly trafficked hwy 101 that we couldn't avoid the rest of the time. at carlsbad we made a rest stop at a set of condos. look at this beautiful huge eucalyptus tree standing nearby.
back on our bikes, we passed through leucadia & then came to encinitas. all these towns pretty much run together, with usually a bit of less-populated lowland between them.
as we pedaled along a neighborhood street very close to the shoreline, we came across these 2 houses. they were tucked right in between other homes in a normal-looking neighborhood. just one of these boat houses would've been noticeable, but 2 right next to each other?? it looked to sari & me as if they were built this way on the spot....houses to look like boats, since the hull part appeared to be concrete. otherwise i have no clue how they would've moved real boats to perches like this!
a little further down the street we turned toward the shore & stopped at a lookout point called swami's to eat the grapes & apple slices we'd brot along for a snack. the view from here down the beach was beautiful, as you can see. you can also see the grapes & apples on my makeshift snack table/bike-trunk top.
cycling past solana beach we came to del mar, where sari remembered there being an outdoor eating spot with good wraps. we thought we'd stop to check the menu & perhaps split a wrap. it turned out they weren't doing many wraps any more, but we managed to pick out an intriguing-sounding sandwich, which we shared. it was heavenly to enjoy our half sandwich as we sat on the patio in the sunshine.
traffic on the road south of del mar was getting heavier & the temps were starting to drop, tho' the sunshine was still bright; it was around 3 pm, i think. torrey pines state park was along the beach to our right as we traversed the lowland area between del mar & la jolla. we pedaled up the long, steep hill that gets you up to the upper area of the park. torrey pines grow in only 2 places in the world; here at torrey pines park & on an island off southern california.
we started pedalling past the torrey pines golf course on our right along the ocean. the buick classic was held here last week, which tiger woods won. sari said she'd wanted to go into the beautiful lodge on the course, so we pulled into the circular drive leading up to the front entry. we were met by some young men who couldn't have been nicer. they even took our bikes & parked them safely through a gate nearby. that's the first time i've ever enjoyed valet parking for my bike!
sari & i went into the lodge, oohing & ahhhing at the beautiful wood & other appointments. this photo was taken from inside the lodge looking out across the golf course. i'm sure no one could mistake us for golfers in these getups, but folks were very nice to us, anyway.
upon leaving the lodge, we were again met by the young gentlemen outside the front door, who quickly retrieved our bikes from safekeeping. they asked how far we'd biked today & we told them about 28 mi, which they thot was quite a lot. so of course we had to tell them about the longer ride we have in mind to do soon.
here's a photo of Brad Passell, Mark English, & J.B. Moore, our newfound friends from The Lodge at Torrey Pines.
by the time we reached sari's house, it was after 4 & we'd gone only a bit over 31 mi. we decided that we'll need to travel at a little faster clip once we're on the road to st. augustine!
If you would like copies of the original, full-size photos, feel free to e-mail my son Mark with your request. Stay tuned....

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