March 1 - 5: San Diego

3/3 - San Diego (0 miles 0 total)
after our oatmeal et al. breakfast, peter & i took off on our bikes. sari was attacked by a bug of some sort overnight so had to stay home. peter & i rode north to the scripps institute, just a few mins away, then further north to an area of extravagantly fancy homes in an area called "la jolla farms." sari told me that she learned that one of the homes, in 1998, was worth 28 million. it was owned, but seldom visited, by an arab prince. the home had 5 for each wife! even from just the outsides, the homes were opulent beyond description.
this photo shows peter standing in front of the fanciest front gate i've ever & what looks like stainless steel. that mailbox is no slouch either.
peter pointed out to me how most all the curbs in the area were painted red. the homeowners had that done to make sure that all the surfers & UC/san diego students wouldn't park in the area. all along these coastal neighborhoods, one always sees pickup trucks & cars with fellows standing alongside them in various stages of putting on or taking off wet suits, their surf boards lying nearby. they park up on the streets, then take sometimes dangerous paths down to the ocean's edge. whenever i've looked out into the ocean as i've biked & walked near the water, there are dozens of surfers bobbing out in the waves.
the atmosphere in la jolla farms was a bit stifling, so we quickly pedaled off on northward to the salk institute. here peter rests on a bench in the building's courtyard. louis kahn was the architect of this famous structure.
near the salk institute further west on the cliff's edge is a gliderport. there were no daredevils soaring off the cliffs when peter & i visited, but sari & i saw a few taking off from here from a distance when we walked on saturday.
peter & i pedaled a bit further north to the Univ of Calif/San Diego campus building where his office is located, & he gave me a tour of the crystallography equipment he uses in his work there. then he rode with me a bit further north, where we parted & he did some errands nearby. i biked a bit further north to torrey pines oceanside park, where i stopped & had the little lunch i'd packed before leaving sari's...a pita filled with brie cheese & avocado & some red grapes (the grapes were on the side ;->). then i headed back south to sari's. the hill leading up into the park was very steep & long....good practice for what i'll face soon.
i want to show you the wonderful little office i have here at sari's home. "my" desk faces out all those windows onto the side patio where we often eat meals. i love my little niche; it'll be hard to leave on friday.
If you would like copies of the original, full-size photos, feel free to e-mail my son Mark with your request. Stay tuned....

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