May 20 - 30: Colorado

5/28 - Breckenridge (LAYOVER 2182.5 total)
we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. the sun was bright all day, skies blue, breezes light, clouds gorgeous, & temps warm for breckenridge at this time of the 70's. patty made a pot of coffee when we all finally got up sometime around 7 or so; we felt quite luxurious as we sat out on our little deck with the early-morning sun in our eyes sipping our coffee.
6 of us walked down the road to the columbine cafe for breakfast. barb & i had been planning on our eggs & trout since yesterday. seemed like the thing to order; we've been riding past beautiful trout streams in this area. linda--one of our sag drivers for the 2nd segment--was visiting for the day from her home in denver. she, barb, & i had poached eggs with trout. i also had a honey wheat pancake. all our food was delicious. here's a picture of us trout eaters.
from left it's barb, me, & linda.
we walked back up the hill to our tyra condos with only about an hour to spare before linda drove barb, patty fainer, & me to lake dillon to join a family picnic to which sari & her sister karin had invited us.
here's a picture of, from left, patty, barb, & linda doing their 'sound of music' imitation in a field of dandelions on the shores of lake dillon.
there were sailboats on the lake & lots of people on the beach.
as this photo shows, the table was laden with a bounty of goodies--a traditional memorial day picnic feast...with a norwegian flair. (sari & karin's mother was born in norway.)
karin had even made a cherry pie in recognition of the fascination we bikers seem to have with pies. even tho' we had eaten a late breakfast, we couldn't resist all the scrumptious picnic fare. across the table you see good family friends, olav & suzanne pedersen; they live in breckenridge. suzanne is an actress in local theater productions. olav came from norway; he has long been known as a trainer of championship skiers, both in norway & the US. he has been instrumental in bringing handicapped people into the sport. olav introduced the 'ski for light' program to the US from norway many years ago; the program trains sighted skiers to be guides for blind skiers.
perhaps you remember seeing a picture of sari's aunt edna & uncla max dercum yesterday.
here, on the left in this photo, is one of their children, rolf. with him is his wife judy; they live in this area.
both are artists. rolf is a painter & judy is a fiber artist working in wool. she has many well-known clients for the beautiful sweaters she designs & knits; among them is julia roberts.
it was a great treat for us bikers to get away from the world of biking for an outing with such wonderful people in a beautiful setting. we so appreciated being included in sari & her sister karin's memorial day family gathering.
linda dropped off barb, patty & me at our condo mid afternoon. the rest of the day was mainly sorting, rearranging, & repacking bike stuff. patty made some popcorn in the microwave but forgot about how much faster things cook at high altitudes. soon the popcorn was burning; despite our scrubbing, the microwave still has a telltale brown spot on its inside. we were just glad that the smoke didn't set off the smoke alarm. it took us a while to get the smell blown out of the place.
early evening barb, patty & i walked back downtown for ice cream. on the way we wandered through some new neighborhoods sightseeing. what fascinating old buildings there are on some of the back streets. we ended up at greta's for ice cream; barb & i each had power-berry smoothies. we sat on a bench in a park area down near the river watching people & dogs, then wandered up the street again to our condo.
this is the view we enjoyed on our way back to our breckenridge "home."
tomorrow we'll ride 51 miles (if we don't get lost) to kremmling; much of the early part of the route will be on a bike trail. we'd love to have a day as beautiful as these past two.
Higher quality versions of the pictures from my trip are available here. If you would like copies of the original, full-size photos, or if you would like text-only versions of these daily reports e-mailed to you, feel free to e-mail my son Mark with your request. Stay tuned....

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