May 20 - 30: Colorado

5/23 - Pueblo (LAYOVER 2030.5 total)
i didn't get out & around much, so i don't have much to report. my roommate deanna & others walked over to the steel city cafe early this morning. they said their breakfast was wonderful. deanna had liked the place when she was through here on a cross-country ride 3 years ago. (this is her 6th cross-country bike ride.)
patty fainer, barbara & i walked a few blocks to another little cafe recommended by linda & her sister dona. there were quite a few locals there. the food was very good.
by midday i finally got around to doing my laundry here in the motel's laundry room. i actually cleaned out & organized my bike bag & duffel bag, too. this afternoon i walked down the street to find some lunch. as i left the motel i noticed a temp of 96 degrees on the bank sign nearby....which isn't so bad with colorado's low humidity. happened upon a little coffee shop that suited me to a T. i had iced chai made with soy milk (i drink lots of white wave chocolate (& vanilla) silk at home & have been missing it on this trip), a little salad that had artichoke hearts & sprouts in it, among other great ingredients, & a half turkey/swiss sandwich on a multi-grain roll. that wouldn't be everybody's favorite lunch, but it was a big treat for me.
i noticed while walking this afternoon that there are 2 kinds of crossing lights in this area. one allows a person to get 5 steps out onto the 4-lane roads--about 1/3 of the way across--before starting to flash to stop crossing. of course then you start sprinting. the other kind is wonderful: when it's time to walk, it flashes a walker signal & also starts counting down from 32 seconds in big red numbers. you know exactlyhow much time you have to make it across the street. i've never seen that before, but i sure like it.
pueblo is working to upgrade the river area. deanna says there have been many improvements since she was here 3 years ago. there's a new museum, convention center, & senior center. today on my walk i saw workers along the riverbank installing fancy walkways. there are a few cute shops & cafes, but the area has a long way to go.
late afternoon i went back to the bike store to pick up my bike. these 2 fellows & many others at the great divide bike shop, corner of 4th & santa fe here in pueblo, did a ton of work on all our bikes over the past 24-30 hours & were very patient with our demands.
that's nick (on the right) & kevin. we really appreciate their attention to all our bike needs in such a short time.
it's after 7 & we're starting to think about getting ready for tomorrow. deanna walked in a half hour ago with a plastic bag from the convenience store across the street; she stopped there on the way home from having a pasta supper at a little restaurant down the street.
now, as you can see, she is sitting on her bed eating a pint of ben & jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.
we bikers can seldom end a day without ice cream. makes me think i better head over to that convenience store to see what goodies i can find for an evening snack.
sari spent the day with her sister. they drove the route we'll follow tomorrow. they say it's beautiful....& only 50 miles to canon city. but we do some climbing. we might as well get used to that.
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