April 24 - May 1: Kentucky

4/28 - Bardstown (LAYOVER 836 total)
what a glorious day for a layover day....for doing anything we want to--even biking by some--in bardstown, ky. mid-morning sue hart & lin biked to walmart to take advantage of their one-hour film processing....only to find out that the prints wouldn't be ready 'til tomorrow afternoon. guess the local walmart is currently deluged with developing business.
i got a great sleep last night & didn't awake 'til almost 6. found a secluded niche to set up my iBook so i wouldn't awaken my 2 roommates, phyllis & gerrie, & by the light of the monitor i worked on email & sorted photos for a couple of hours or so. that sort of thing is fun & relaxing for me.
when all 3 of us were up & around, we opened the door to let in the breezes, which will also help dry the biking clothes hung all over our room. outside we noticed that the staff was busy cleaning out the luggage trailer. it's their day off, but they're still working.
by noon i was again at the catletts', sari's friends, with gerrie. jean catlett picked us up at the motel. after a nice visit at her house, jean drove us to her church, first christian (disciples of christ) here in bardstown. jean is the organist there; she played a little private concert for us 3. gerrie is the organist at her church in littleton, colo. i played the organ (but not well) in my distant past & still enjoy organ music. what a special treat for us!
in the photo at the organ is jean catlett, with her high-school chum sari standing nearby.
then jean drove us to the walmart nearby. each of us picked up a few items we need. since we don't see walmarts very often & since, even if they are in the towns we visit, they're often in a different part of town off very busy roads, getting a lift to one was a boon. now i hope not to have to shop for anything the rest of the trip. life is definitely simple on a bike trip.
after walmart & a little more city sightseeing (what a lovely town!), jean drove us downtown to a very nice restaurant called dagwood's. we enjoyed a great salad & soup bar; the 3 homemade soups were unusual & very tasty. one was a green bean soup; can't say i've ever had that before. since we ate lunch at 4:00, it'll be supper, too.
thot you might like to see a photo of anne & her mom matilda, who drove from ashland, a 3-1/2-hour drive, to have supper with anne & the rest of us last night.
as i mentioned yesterday, it's been great fun for all of us to have visitors to our group & to get to meet the family & friends of members of our group.
quite a few of the riders worked on their bikes today....fine-tuning, cleaning. i didn't get around to that. tho' i did haul my bike bag out onto a table near the pool late afternoon & did a little excavating. medical science won't advance as rapidly now that i've interrupted the complex & colorful scientific experiment that was underway in the bottom of my bag. yikes! i thot the bag had dried out since last monday, but evidently the bottom hadn't. i spread the contents out on the table & let it all dry & sterilize while i enjoyed some warm & relaxing sunshine.
oh, thot i better report on sarah.
this is a photo i took of her yesterday on the road. she was back on her bike after a day off to heal the aches & pains of the previous day's dive over the dog.
notice her new blue helmet. when asked how she felt, she replied that she's glad for painkillers & is finding that the discomfort in her bruised hip has the advantage of taking her mind off her derriere.
Higher quality versions of the pictures from my trip are available here. If you would like copies of the original, full-size photos, feel free to e-mail my son Mark with your request. Stay tuned....

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