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What sound does that make?

November 15th, 2014 · by map · No Comments

Emmett’s on the brink of reading on his own. This morning, Leah opened up her laptop to find the ancestry.com page loaded in a browser (Ava had been looking at it). Emmett, looking over her shoulder, said, “ancestry.” We asked how he knew what that word is, and he replied, “I just did!”

And just now, I heard Emmett walk from his room down to Ava’s and ask her, “what sound does ‘shh’ make?” Obviously he’d been looking at a book in his room and encountered those letters. Ava told Emmett which letters were responsible, and as he walked back to his room, he said, softly, to himself, “S H S H S H.” Emmett doesn’t know enough to be excited about this momentous point in his life, so Leah and I are going to be excited for him.

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