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Tough guy

October 9th, 2014 · by map · No Comments

Leah, ECP, and I rushed up to school last evening after work to take advantage of the flu shot clinic being held there. Last year, Emmett opted for a shot over the nasal spray out of an abundance of ignorance. This year, though, he was adamant before we even got out of the car that he was going to get the shot. Which is a good thing, because they were out of nasal spray by the time we arrived.

I could see Emmett’s nerve waver just a teensy bit when he heard that the shot was the only option, but strong encouragement from the clinic volunteers and his parents bolstered him enough that he pushed his way over to the nurse and sat right down for his medicine. From where he sat, Emmett could see me getting my shot, which I think calmed him a bit. I looked over at the boy just as the nurse plunged her needle into his arm, and he barely flinched. And then it was done!

Emmett fussed a bit this morning about his sore shoulder, but I assured him that it would feel better as he moved around during the day. No doubt it won’t be long before he has another bump or bruise with which to occupy his time; maybe he already has!

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