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Big boy

January 22nd, 2014 · by Leah · No Comments

Last night, as I was lying with Emmett, he (out of the blue) said, “I will be five soon, and then I will go to kindergarten.” We talked for a bit about kindergarten, and how he would be at school with Ava, and then he got very quiet. After a moment, I realized that he was quietly crying. When I asked him what was wrong, he said, in a very small, sad voice, “I don’t want to grow up.” I said, “Oh, honey, why not? Growing up is so fun. You’re going to love it!” Then he said, still crying, “But mama, if I grow up, I won’t be able to cuddle with you anymore.” I held him so close and told him I would always cuddle with him, no matter how big he got. Then I talked to him a little more about all the great things that growing up makes possible (doing Legos, eating ice cream, etc.). It made my heart almost break. My sweet, sweet boy.

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