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¡Viva Mexico!

January 21st, 2014 · by map · No Comments

We returned from Isla Mujeres late last Sunday night after a week of (mostly) fun in the (mostly) sun.

This year, I decided to take along only my iPhone 5S instead of my Canon XTi for photographs. I think the results are OK. One thing is for sure: I found myself shooting more often and more conveniently than when I’ve had a DSLR slung around my neck. What’s more, it was nice to get the shots backed up to the cloud in the evening via the (mostly) reliable WiFi in our condo. The quality of the images, overall, isn’t as good — of course — as what I would’ve captured with the XTi, but this year’s vacation felt a little more like a vacation and a little less like a photo shoot than the last couple years, and I liked it (even if Leah didn’t care for any of the images that included her).

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