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November 18th, 2013 · by map · 4 Comments

Leah’s been gently pressured by a member of her family who shall remain nameless that she should really be recording all the funny, cute, or otherwise notable things Emmett says and does so as to have a record of them.

I encouraged my wife to avail herself of the user account she has on this blog and jot those memories down herself, but it turns out she’s paralyzed by the prospect of releasing any writing into the wild that wouldn’t breeze through the editorial gauntlet at The New Yorker on the first try. I have no such qualms, so, here we go….

Mainly, we’ve been having fun listening to Emmett’s mispronunciations of words his mouth doesn’t yet know how to say. Chief among them this fall has been acorn, which Emmett pronounces “eh-corn.” Also, he leaves the y off year and just says “ear.” Which can be confusing for the listener but still entertaining.

And this morning, the teacher in Emmett’s room at school took me aside to say that the class was having a talk earlier about Native Americans, during which Emmett was the only one to pipe up with the correct answer when the teacher had asked if anyone knew what the name of the apparatus the Native Americans used to carry their babies. I’m only glad he didn’t confuse his answer with the American rapper of the same name. I was at a loss to say how Emmett knew that information, but I suspect it has to do with all the L.I. Wilder his mother has been reading to him recently.

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  • dannynovo

    fwiw, Piglet says “haycorns”

    • map

      He’s the most lovable member of that merry band.

  • pylvis

    My son (now 22) used to squeal with delight at watching The Fox and the Hound by crying “Fu@k’n Sound, Fu@k’n Sound,” which delighted us to know end. Then, he grew up. Capture every moment.

    • map

      I dunno why I always experience a moment of shock when I’m reminded that someone in my general age cohort has kids older than 12. But twenty-effin’-two? Wow.