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October 25th, 2013 · by map · 2 Comments

Ava wants a dog. Between getting home from school and my arrival home from work yesterday, Ava plastered every door upstairs with small posters depicting sad puppies and including phrases like, “Daughters need dogs!,” and “Puppies need love too!”

AGP wants a dog

I was not swayed. Which, of course, resulted in another of Ava’s tantrums. I reminded her that the trial run with her hamster wasn’t exactly turning out as I’d hoped. Also, dogs need a lot of attention and care, food, medicine, exercise, etc., etc. I told Ava that she could start saving money now if she wants a dog, and that maybe she should let her grandparents know what she’s up to so they don’t bother getting her any Christmas gifts this year. She quickly got on the horn to Grandpa Chuck and let him know what’s up.

Leah and I both had dogs growing up, and I owned a dog for 13 years as an adult. But now that I have kids, I find myself disinclined to also live with another creature in the house. Not to mention imposing on someone to watch the thing when we go out of town (or paying for a kennel during those times). Dogs are fine, really, but I’m exasperated at the thought of bringing one into our home.

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  • dannynovo

    Don’t be a hater. 🙂

    • map

      It’s what I do.